Sara with her painting

Sara with her painting

I love going to Greenwood’s class. I have taken his painting lessons for 3 years now. It is one of the highlights of my week.

I jumped at the chance to take a painting class…something I had been dreaming about for a long time. That decision has not disappointed me once!

It is all about hands on learning. I bring in something I think would be fun to paint and he makes it a reality.

He is so encouraging and has so much patience with me. I have learned so much and hope to continue learning for quite a while longer.


Painting by LeChoose Greenwood as your Art Teacher only if you want your “drawing & painting” experience to become an amazing creative, and artistic journey sprinkled with fun and a sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment.

Attend his amazing art classes in a tranquil colorful tropical outdoor class room setting where all supplies are provided. Yes, simply attend the classes and like any great professional coach, Greenwood can provide you with gentle & amazing artistic leadership and motivation that you may need to complete your next or first art project.

My name is Le, and I am enormously grateful for the outstanding artistic directions and definitely the patience I received from my teacher and friend, Greenwood!

Dude, you are amazing and thanks for 6 months of fun and new artistic discoveries!


Jeanne and pet portrait

Jeanne and pet portrait

Greenwood’s painting classes are just right for me as a winter resident of Mérida. He provides all the supplies and is nothing if not encouraging to everyone regardless of skill level.

He is a well experienced artist who is very skilled with acrylics and drawing.

Classes are a wonderful oasis for me in a very pleasant and conveniently located setting. We have fun, make new friends and produce some interesting artwork.

Also he is very empathetic to worn out care givers and gives great hugs. Plus he has two pet therapists on staff.


I am a visual artist in sculpture, printmaking and drawing.  I decided to take some classes with my good friend Greenwood because I am writing Sacred Teaching stories and the art work needs to convey the message as well as my words. Greenwood is an exceptional man and an exceptional artist and his ability as a teacher is the same!

He guides with clarity and art know-how expressed from his experience, his artistic sight and his heart.

He reminds me about the practical tools I need but also holds the space in which I feel inspired!